Cat Tree with Pillar Paper & Jute, 3 Level Tower

Designed with a modern yet simple design, the Piller is adequate for any office space or room. Its neutral colors allow it to easily be incorporated into any existing home décor. Featuring a condo at the bottom provides timid cats a place to feel comfortable and secure, while the perch at the top provides an open space for cats to survey their surroundings. A cat tree with multiple levels allows more than one cat to share a close space while still maintaining distance. The Jute fabric it is made of attracts cats’ attention and is easy to clean with any lint roller, brush, or vacuum. The pillar is also created with Paper Rope posts providing your cat with an area to freely scratch at. Providing your cat with scratching posts promotes good behavior and keeps your cats from scratching at your furniture. Standing at 39 inches this size cat tree is recommended for cats 15-20 lbs. or less.



PAPER ROPE SCRATCH POSTS: By using paper rope instead of traditional sisal, we provide a scratching post that is more skin-and-paw-friendly. No more prick and allergy from sisal.

INSTALLATION: Easy to install and store all instructions, materials, and tools included.

DIMENSIONS: 22x15x39 inch a medium-sized tree for one or multiple cat households

MATERIALS: Made with 100% Paper Rope and Jute fabric, natural and safe materials for cats.



-For added security/stability firmly secure screws on to furniture, place against walls or corners.

- Regularly inspect the product and re-tighten screws when and if necessary.

-Supervise first-time use, not every activity is suited for every cat. Remove if not appropriate.

-Indoor use only. Keep away from children, this is not a toy for children.

-Manufacturers and retailers are not responsible for any damage caused by cat trees on floors, surfaces, or objects.

-Clean with lint roller, brush, or small vacuum.



Products consisting of Paper Rope, KEEP AWAY FROM WATER, will damage.


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