Cat Squirrels

What feline doesn't love to chase a squirrel? Our catnip squirrels are just begging for a good game of toss, chase, fetch! Approximately 1-1/4 by 7 inches, plus tail.

Squirrels are filled with 100% catnip (no poly-fill or other fillers)!


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Liz B
Can't get enough

My cats will literally wrestle over these! We have 3 cats and 4 of these toys, and my boy cat will often surround himself with them (we haven't figured out quite how he does it yet) so his sisters can't get them. The catnip is incredibly enticing, and you can see their eyes get huge whenever they are around them. One of my girls likes to lick the feathers before she attacks the catnip filled section. If you have cats, you HAVE to have these toys!

Jessica Abbey
Great kicker toy!

Our young kitty Landon LOVES the toy, and our middle-aged kitty Halloween is also obsessed. I would definitely recommend for cats who like catnip!

Elizabeth Griffith
Squirrels Are So Much Fun

Ari & Cali have so much fun - they’re filled with cat-nip and long enough for the bunny scratching and lightweight to carry all over the house - great toys

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